At Chetwynd Spencer Academy we treasure the role that reading plays in a child's education and as a key life skill that will prepare them for future endeavours.

At its heart, our reading curriculum seeks to promote a genuine love of reading. Along the way, we carefully sequence and structure reading sessions to develop excellent fluency and comprehension: the two main components of a successful reader.




Fluency and comprehension skills are developed and revisited constantly throughout a child's learning journey at Chetwynd.







Their journey begins with excellent Phonics teaching in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2. We use the Nottinghamshire County Council progression document (updated to align with the phonics requirement in the New Curriculum). Our children are taught daily, for 20 minutes - in small targeted groups in EYFS and whole class in Years 1 and 2. Sessions are always packed full of reading and writing opportunities, constantly revisiting previously taught content and challenging children to make frequent links with the wider curriculum. Children are assessed daily, with timely interventions taking place in response to their needs.

There are opportunities throughout the year for parents/carers to attend phonics training sessions, observing how phonics is taught and giving them the knowledge required to best support their children with reading and writing at home. Our Sounds & Syllables spelling strategy is built upon excellent phonic knowledge across the whole school. 



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