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Toton is situated in the south-west corner of the county, close to the Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire border. The original village has expanded considerably in the last fifteen years with new housing in Toton and Chilwell, in which our catchment area falls.

Chetwynd Spencer Academy is an above average sized primary school. The school became an Academy and part of The Spencer Academies Trust (SAT) on 1st April 2012 as a converter academy.

The school rapidly increased its roll as the Published Admission Number (PAN) increased last year from 43 to 60 for all year groups due to three new classrooms and filled in one year from 316 to 420 for October 2018 census. Most of the children live locally although an increasing number travel from further afield because of our reputation as providing high quality education. This equates to about 39% of children coming from out of catchment. Approximately 14% of pupils are drawn from Service families based at nearby Chetwynd Barracks. Consequently, the proportion of pupils who leave and join part way through the school year is much higher than the national average. We have highly regarded provision in place to support our service children with transition and also when their parents are deployed. A quote from a recent parent survey stated: 'our children have [moved schools] regularly . . . our children are now very settled here and thoroughly enjoy their school life and it is a credit to the school that they feel this way. Thank you'.

Chetwynd is a high achieving, aspirational and ambitious school. We offer an Irresistible, knowledge-based Curriculum with a wide range of extended enrichment activities: we consider this to be a real strength of our provision. We aim to develop all children's skills, talents and interests in order to boost self-confidence and encourage children to acquire new skills.

The effectiveness of our provision means that we make a strong contribution to system wide improvement through school to school support and also as part of the delivery team with the Maths Hub. The wide range of other partners includes The Spencer Academies Trust, the George Spencer Family of Schools and the George Spencer Academy Teaching Schools' Alliance including the Maths Hub and Challenge Partners. In addition, we work with other schools in different authorities such as Leicester, Derby (particularly the DFE Derby Opportunity Area), Middlesbrough and Nottingham City. The Principal supports other school leaders in her role as a Local Leader in Education (LLE) along with other staff in school in their roles as Primary Maths Mastery Specialist, two English Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) and a Curriculum SLE. 



In our last Section 5 inspection in September 2014, Ofsted rated the school as 'good'. Of our Principal it stated that "She has been supported by her committed staff and is unswerving in her drive to ensure that all pupils succeed"

It also said that "An atmosphere of calmness, tolerance and respect for each other pervades the academy", "The behaviour of pupils is good. Their attitudes to learning are never less than good. Their behaviour in lessons and around the building is commendable", "They are unfailingly polite and respectful to each other and to adults".

In June 2018, Ofsted carried out a one day inspection and stated in their letter that:

Based on the evidence gathered during the short inspection, I am of the opinion that the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvements in specific areas. This may indicate that the school has improved significantly overall. Therefore, I am recommending that the school's next inspection will be a full section 5 inspection.


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