Governors' committees are the mechanism for allowing governors to get to grips with certain areas of their work in far more detail than is practical at full governing body meetings.

The committee structure at Chetwynd Primary Academy facilitates governors to have the opportunity to review, question and to challenge the information that has been provided by the Academy. Governors' committees work within terms of reference that have been agreed by the full governing body. The terms of reference may include responsibility to consider policies, targets, results and many other sources of information put before them. It is for the committees to fully consider these and make recommendations to the full governing body as to what actions are needed


There are 4 meetings which Chetwynd Governors hold each term. They are: 

Full Governing Body Meeting  – Chair: Malcolm Batchelor (Parent Governor)

The full governing body meet at least once a term, after all the sub-committees (details below) have met and undertaken their delegated duties that the Full Governing Body have set. Every Governor must attend this meeting and other persons may be invited to either present agenda items or be part of particular agenda item discussions. The agenda for the meeting will usually include a number of standard items, such as the Principals report outlining progress, key information and issues. Minutes and action points from committee meetings are also discussed. Additional items that require consideration at particular points throughout the academic year will be are outlined on the school decision planner. Some matters have to be considered by the full governing body; however, some may be delegated to committees (see below).


Finance & General Purposed Sub-Committee Chair: Nick Arrowsmith (Parent Governor)
The Finance committee has responsibility for strategic oversight of the school's finances. The Business Manager reports to the committee at every meeting on the current financial position of the school. The committee is involved in formulating and approving the draft budget and associated expenditure plans each year before they are presented to the full governing body for adoption.


Pupil & Personnel Sub-Committee – Chair: Julie Streets (Parent Governor)
The Pupil & Personnel Committee has the responsibility to consider, recommend and review all policies and procedures which affect both Pupils and Staff at Chetwynd. This could in relation to attendance management, behaviour, safeguarding (ensuring children are kept safe within school), recruitment and retention of staff, performance management, pay and capability. It also has responsibility for the appointment of all staff on the Leadership Pay Spine.


Strategic Development Sub-Committee – Chair: Phil Cooper (Community Governor)
The role of the Strategic Development Committee is to ensure that the needs of individual children are met both in terms of their academic and personal development. The committee reviews the analysis of each year's pupil performance against published targets at each Key Stage and agrees future targets. This committee plays a major part in the curriculum-related issues identified within the School Development Plan and reviews and approves all curriculum based policies.