We have pleasure in sharing the report from our recent Challenge Partners’ Quality Assurance Review. Challenge Partners’ is an organisation working with over 400 schools in England. A Challenge Partners’ QA Review is a professionally-led peer review focused on teaching and learning. The review team comprised of school leaders and visiting reviewers who agreed that evidence indicates the areas at Chetwynd are evaluated as follows:


  • School Improvement Strategies: Outstanding
  • Outcomes for Pupils: Outstanding
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Outstanding
  • Area of Excellence (Early Years Foundation Stage): Accredited
  • Previously accredited valid Areas of Excellence: Mastery of Mathematics, Teaching of Grammar
  • Overall Estimate: Outstanding


Please note that a Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review is not equivalent to an Ofsted inspection, and agreed estimates from the review are not equivalent to Ofsted judgements.

You can read the full review here.